The hybrid is one of the most recent modalities in the event market. It can happen from two ways: in events with an audience and live broadcast or in events where there is a mediator for streaming.

The event with an audience and live broadcast was experienced at CASA RN until February 2020 with excellent results. Streamed to the public in real time, it gives the sensation similar to programs with an auditorium. In this model, there is also the possibility of connecting people outside the house to participate in the transmission, through MOCHILINK.

The live mediator event, the most used at the time of social distancing, works as follows: one person bridges the gap between several other connected speakers simultaneously and the entire conversation is transmitted on a platform, with the possibility of interaction with viewers through external chat.

Within this modality we carry out GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCES and SPECIAL CLASSES and we are prepared for other challenges. How about we cook together from our own homes? The Gastronomic Connection makes this possible. A renowned chef in direct connection with you and, live, will help you prepare a menu with all the refinement. Dinner can be on your own, but the work is up to us!